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We have started this firm in the year 2007. Our main function is to identify the capable persons to provide solutions which meet customer requirements. ORS Trading & Man power Consultancy is a fast rising government licensed manpower Recruitment Company in INDIA with an ever-growing list of satisfied clients. We are specialized in the recruitment of Off shore such as offshore Installing Manager OIM, Rig supritendant , Rig manager , Tool pusher , Driller .etc, Onshore such as Rig supritendant , Rig Manager ,Tool Pusher , Driller , Asst Driller , Chief Engineer . etc.

We are committed to providing total solutions to our clients' manpower recruitment concerns and our candidates' successfully deployed.

ORS Trading & Man power Consultancy has been successfully recruiting for and supplying companies worldwide with some of the best available workers who seek career opportunities. We retain a team of skilled recruitment professionals who uphold our reputation by providing effective and efficient recruitment services for our customers' satisfaction. We aim to provide a Total Recruitment Solution to our clients and work to ensure a successful hiring of selected candidates.

At Profile, we view manpower as a bridge to build a lasting relationship with our clients. This has been proven time and again.This philosophy translates to why Profile has grown immensely in such a short span of time. Since its inception, Profile has rapidly expanded its client-base all over the world, mainly as a result of efficient and effective recruitment services.

Each recruitment undertaking is unique as we realize fully our role in helping our clients attain their company's objectives. We constantly keep in mind the maxim that your employees are the foundation upon which your business is built and the selection of new staff is one of the most critical tasks management has to face. We are likewise cognizant of the potential positive impact we play in the life and career of candidates we have considered and deployed.

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